Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Week

D initiated birthday week when we were first married. When it's your birthday, you pick when the week starts (usually your birthday falls near the end of the 7 days) and you get to do whatever you want that week - choose what we eat, where we go, any fun stuff you want to do - it's your week! And you get small gifts during the week, too.

Last week was D's BW and we had a fun time as a fam celebrating the big 33! At the end of the week, this is what I found in the kitchen after noticing the house was a bit too quiet for too long:


Shane and Becca said...

This girl knows how to party! Awesome! I love the birthday week. So fun.

ps--thanks for the sweet post about my blog! Ah, you are the best! Can I interview you someday?

Matthew said...

Nothin' wrong with a little cake poaching. =)

Christine Segura said...

S is so darling! I LOVE your top 10 things you love about Daniel, you two just seem so perfect for each other. I heard you are having a girl! Two girls is a good way to start a family:) I would know. If you want to see Mack here is our blog
I hope you don't mind me looking at yours! We need to watch a byu football game together. I'll call.