Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where's Large Marge?

Does this look familiar?

You might recall it from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. This Dinosaur "museum" is just up the road from us and we went to visit it with our play group a few weeks ago. I didn't recognize it at first - the dinosaurs and the grounds just seemed like a familiar example of mid-century American roadside kitsch. After I realized it was from the Pee-Wee film I had a great time viewing classic clips from the movie on You-Tube.

The place grew on Little S - she was very skiddish at first but opened up the idea of giant dino-monsters as our visit progressed. The kids got to dig for rocks in the Dino sand pit and pan for gems in the water trough. At the end of the visit you could climb inside the 3-story tall T-rex but Little S would have none of that (ok by me - I'm afraid of heights and the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower were pure torture for me).

It was VERY windy out there
I love this shot - classic Little S pose

I told her to pick a few dinos to stand by for pictures - she chose this giant but non-threatening turtle (her word) and the tiny dinos in the pic below.

Friday, June 26, 2009

friday rockin'

Found this on Black*Eiffel while web wandering this morning. Little S was sitting next to me playing with stickers and her head was bobbing with the second beat of the music! She loved it and asked me to play it again and again.

I usually listen to the classical music station in the car for a little serenity. Quiet moments in the car with peaceful music are my zen moments - only occasionally is a miniature Croc tossed at me from the back seat. Still, Little S sometimes calls from the back, "I want music with words!" We're working on her classical music appreciation skills...

Happy Friday.

Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Farewell party

This past weekend I helped coordinate a farewell party for my friend Chanel and her family. She has been a great friend and motherhood mentor to me - she always had a reassuring word for me when I was struggling with whatever Little S was or wasn't doing at the moment. "It's totally normal, all kids do that; have her read books in the bathroom while you're potty-training..." (that last one was golden). I will miss her more than I can say. I'm excited for their new life adventures but sad for myself (I'm so selfish) because I won't have her experience and bright outlook on life and motherhood at a moment's notice.

And, as an expert quilter and all-around crafter, she has helped me get countless projects done when I was ready to throw them away or bury them in the closet. She's awesome.

Pics from the party are on her blog. I haven't organized my pics from the fete yet.

End of the School Year Picnic

It's time I posted about the end of Little S's first year of school and her year-end family picnic (since she started summer school yesterday). Her year in Mrs. Bom's red class was filled with new friends and great learning experiences. She was always singing a new song or rhyme and trying to teach them to me. Her teacher helped the class with art projects every day and gave us the sweetest year-end project: a booklet with Little S's hand-print projects from each month of the year - turkey for November, angel for Dec, etc. It was so cute! For a teacher gift, I took Mrs. Bom a cherry-shaped fruit bowl filled with red fruits and vegetables (she's a vegetarian).

I'm a bit sappy at the end of school years and this was no exception - I would get nostalgic at the end of each semester in college. Little S learned so much from Mrs. Bom! The preschool is part of a local Christian church and I appreciated how Mrs. Bom incorporated Christian principles into the lessons. At parent-teacher conferences (yes, they have them for the preschool :) Mrs. Bom told us how she wanted each child to know that God loves them and made them each unique and loves each of them.

The end of the year was celebrated with a family picnic complete with train rides and frozen custard from the local custard shop! It was a fun evening and the dozen or so rides that Little S took on the train were her favorite part.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Growing Up

too fast. My little baby is no longer a newborn. She rolled over by herself last Thursday, marking the end of her newborn phase (she also rolled off the couch - another rite of passage for the babes). AND, she's having teething pains. Little S's teeth came in at 4 months so Baby J is right on schedule. My days are filled with moving the baby from one seat to another: car seat, swing, bouncy seat, etc... and trying to keep her entertained. She's fascinated with her hands and feet and the wooden mobile from Ikea (I love the design - looks like the expensive wooden kid furniture, but a fraction of the price).

Little S is anticipating summer. She's been playing in her swimming suits inside the house and dressing her dolls in them, too. School ends next week but she'll be going to 4 weeks of summer school (to keep her entertained more than anything).

Oh, I was called as the Primary Chorister last week - yikes! It will be a fun creative outlet if I can keep the rowdy 11 year old boys under control :) That's our life update for now...

my teeth hurt!

my favorite tights - one of the many hand-me-downs from big sis

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Memorial Day Adventures

We spent the Memorial weekend in Palm Springs with Ryan and Whitney. I forgot my camera but Whitney posted a few pics of our adventures on her blog. D has been so busy at work that his stress levels have been over the top! The Palm Springs get-away could not have come at a better time - he was so relaxed. The surroundings there are so beautiful that it's impossible not to kick back and enjoy it.