Sunday, January 18, 2009

San Diego Zoo

For Little S's actual birthday on November 10, we went as a family to the San Diego Zoo. She insisted we listen to Carlos Vives during most of the drive down (D and I were going a little crazy, but she was the birthday girl and we gave in). She really wanted to see an alligator and a mouse - we couldn't produce the mouse request, but the polar bears and watching the gorillas eat lunch were highlights of the day.

She loved posing with the sculptures of animals - much less intimidating than the real thing.

We couldn't resist these head shots in the toddler play area. I asked D to take her into the petting zoo area at the end of the day - bad idea! Her allergies went crazy during the car ride home. We even pulled over to buy some medicine because she was coughing and tearing up so badly! Later that week at Little S's check-up the pediatrician told me to not venture into petting zoos again... Live and learn.

We ate lunch near the gorilla exhibit and Little S insisted on eating her fruit leather while laying with this mama and baby gorilla sculpture.


Matthew said...

The headshots are very cute!

I didn't realize she had petting-zoo-ish alergies. I guess alergies to fur and such are supposed to be some of the more common ones....?

The last pic is particular charming =)

Jeanette said...

So fun! Can you believe that you are having another baby soon? Can't wait to see what she looks like!