Monday, May 11, 2009

More favorite things...

Because waking up to these smiles makes me smile. When I walk up to Baby J in the morning her face just explodes with a big smile - I love it!

D was gone to a conference last week. He got back late Saturday night so this was the scene Sunday morning when Little S and Baby J realized he was back.

Our good friend and neighbor Lauree (Little S lovingly calls her Nana) has a beautiful backyard and garden that we enjoy frolicking in a few evenings each week. Her sweet peas were gorgeous the last few weeks - it almost makes me want to garden, but I think we'll just stick with enjoying Lauree's efforts for now.


Shane and Becca said...

Sweet girls! And hooray for Mario and Gwyneth! I'm excited--thanks for the heads up!

Candice Carter said...

Daniel McNairy...... Look at you all grown up!! You have such a beautiful family!! Tell your parents I said hello!!!