Friday, August 14, 2009

11 Years

We got married in Los Angeles on this day 11 years ago. That sounds like we're so old and boring! We are apart on our anniversary for the first time - I'm in Utah with the baby helping my mom recover from knee surgery and D is headed to Vegas this afternoon to spend the weekend with Little S and his parents who are watching Little S while I'm away. Ah, the demands of middle-age.

We had a mini celebration last weekend. We went to see Julie and Julia (one thing I love about my husband: he has NEVER refused to see a movie I'm interested in, he always indulges me and isn't pouty about it, either). He enjoyed it as much as me because he loves cooking and eating a fine meal even more than I do.

As we were leaving the theater I told him that I think I need a strand of pearls. The next night he gave me a lovely strand of antique pearls he bought at our local antique auction. He was thinking during the movie that he would get them for me even before I mentioned it. So sweet, isn't he?

Saturday he said he wanted to make the star recipe from the movie for Sunday dinner: Beef Bourguignon. So I was trying to buy the "ambassador ingredient" of the dish, red wine, at the grocery store and I got carded (how flattering!). To my surprise, my driver's license had expired on my (30th) birthday 2 months ago and they didn't sell me the wine. This is what happens in middle age - you start loosing your mind.

We did get some wine and make the dish on Sunday - it was FANTASTIC. But we used theWilliams Sonoma recipe instead of Julia's. Sorry, Queen J. It was one of the best dishes we have ever made ourselves and Little S liked it, too!

This crazy Julia saga got me to the DMV for 2 hours on Monday morning before I drove the girls to Las Vegas. D had to take the girls to Baby J's 6 month check-up and shot appointment and got Little S's hair cut while I enjoyed some great people-watching at the DMV.

I'm glad I got carded at the grocery store instead of realizing my mistake at the airport in Las Vegas. I'm glad my husband indulged me and went to the movie, requested the famous dish and that I went grocery shopping for wine. And I'm glad that I'm married to my best friend. Here's to the next 11 years!
ps - this pic is from the Williams Sonoma website, but ours looked about this good.


Air Force Blues said...

Oh, Yeah I can start blaming my memory loss on old age. Love it. The dish looks great I'll have to check out the receipe and give it a try. Have fun in Utah and tell your mom Hi!! Also, Congrats on the 11 years

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

Happy Anniversary! Dave just went with me to the movie, and I think he liked it too :) And I want to make that dish now too! Did you find it on the website or is it in a book somewhere? How flattering to get carded :) You DO look young, though. It's your beautiful skin :)
Hope you're having fun in utah!

Becca said...

Awesome post! You guys are some of my favorites. Happy Anniversary.

Mandy said...

thought of you as i watched the movie- i should've known you'd race to make the signature dish.... can't blame you though. very inspiring.