Friday, July 30, 2010

she cut it herself

You can see some of the hair laying below on the ac unit - there were piles of it. She did it at 6:45 am while sitting on the back porch playing with fabric scraps.

Me: Little S, why did you cut your hair?
Little S: My hair kept getting in my eyes.

My guess is that the ac kicked on and blew her hair and she got frustrated.
Did I mention I was going to have some sisters pics taken in a few weeks, not to mention my sister's wedding in Oct. I think I'll start giving her the vitamin (D, I think) that promotes hair and nail growth.


Becca said...

oh dear. I'm sure she is nice and cool without the heavy hair on her neck. I guess you'll be investing in lots of hairclips and headbands!

Lempskies said...

She does a better job than I do at cutting hair. She's resourceful & adorable with any hairstyle.

My mom once found my sisters playing a "game" where they jumped up and down on their bed & tried to see who could cut more hair off the other. Can you imagine?! I'm sure she gave us the "don't run with scissors" caution that all parents do, but she must have neglected to specify "don't jump up and down on the bed jabbing the scissors at your moving target sister".

Matthew said...

There is a certain elegant utility to it. Plus, you can't faul her logic =)