Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break Gone Wild

This week began the local kids' two-week spring break. Yesterday, Little S and I accompanied Chanel, her three girls, and my friend Cass and her two boys to the La Brea Tar Pits in downtown LA (more of Chanel's quality spring break activities are documented on her blog).

The kids had a great time - highlights according to the kids were the atrium area with coi fish and turtles wandering around (did we really drive that far for the kids to look at some fish?) and the big wolly-mammoth and saber toothed cat on display.

We had lunch at an old local favorite, Andre's Italian, and walked across the street to the Farmer's Market for dessert at another local institution, Bob's Doughnuts - loved the dinosaur-shaped doughnuts.

Chanel and I ventured on to Anaheim to stop at a fabric store (totally out of the way, but we were on a roll) and then got stuck in HORRIBLE traffic on the way home - 1 hour to go 8 miles!!! A lot of time in the car, but still a fun day.

Our little monkeys posing in the tree

Little S and Colin discussing the mammoths

Trying our hand at stirring tar

Observing the turtles in the atrium


The Photographer said...

She seems a little concerned by those turtles...


Jocelyn Allan said...

She is such a cutie! I love looking at blogs--it's so nice to see what everyone from the old days is up to!

Amber, Kent & Andy said...

LA traffic stinks!