Monday, March 3, 2008

Story time

Our local library is just a few blocks away - it's a great old building with stained glass windows, arched ceilings and marble sculptures on wood pedestals. We try to make it to story time each week (we often end up driving instead of walking those few blocks because I'm behind schedule).

After story time the kids and parents loiter outside enjoying the fountains at the Lincoln Shrine adjacent to the library. It makes for a great morning activity that Little S anticipates each week.


The Photographer said...

Is the stamp on her hand related to the story time?

It sounds like your library is quite swanky. Thus far, I don't think STL has something like that, at least not near our neighborhood.

As far as such things go, this is a book we recently got for the girls.

Thomas' said...

I love Little S's (was that correct grammar?) shirt. Sam has it in blue!! Gotta love the story time! Samantha has a hard time sitting through any of them.