Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Doll gets a check-up

Little S took Baby Doll to the children's health fair at the local children's hospital last week. It is a huge event with dozens of health-related activities and prizes for the kiddos. AND, each child can bring along a doll to go through the "clinic" for a check-up and shots.

First, Baby Doll gets weighed in.

Next, Little S helps take her blood pressure.

Then she gets her ears checked.

Finally, the shot...Little S nervously holds Baby Doll's hand.

Yes, Baby Doll gets her shot in her behind.

The Fire Department and Police were at the fair, too. Hopefully, this is the only time in her life Little S enjoys the view from the back of a police vehicle.


Matthew said...

Not much leg room in that police car....

Jocelyn Allan said...

This police car picture cracked me up! She is such a cutie!

Thomas' said...

With a face like that, she looks like she just got in trouble! So cute to see her look so nervous about her doll getting a shot. Brenna came over yesterday to play and it was fun to see Sam and her together. We just needed little S to make the group complete!