Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby Blessing

Last weekend Little S's newest cousin was blessed. As the fellas were approaching the stand for the blessing, Little S announced to me that she had to go to the bathroom. I asked her if she REALLY had to go, she assured me she did, and to avoid an accident in the church pews we left. And missed every word of the blessing.

Triple digit heat made the post-blessing photo shoot difficult, but we got a few decent shots of the fam.

D and three of his four brothers. The joke of the day was the numerous times people approached D thinking they were talking to his brother Todd (the new father). They look a lot alike these days :)

Killing time during the photo shoot...

Cooling off with cousins after the blessing. Little S will read to anyone who will sit and listen. Aislinn was a captive audience.


Matthew said...

Glad to hear my kids are not the only ones with pathologically ill-timed bathroom breaks.

Daniel is looking rather trim in that shot...

Jocelyn Allan said...

Wow! Dan really does look like his brother!

Lisa said...

Hello D & S. I think Little S is adorable. Your blog was fun to read. I just finished reading every single post.

Lempskies said...

There is a strong resemblance... I can see why people were confused.
I just started a blog (I'm SHAMELESSLY giving in to peer pressure!) You'll have to check it out:
Love- Your ID Cous
ps- my kids LOVE the Regina Specktor (sp?) songs on your site.