Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm headed to New York City on Thursday - a solo trip. On the itinerary: art history research and museum-going (I'm also hoping to run into Blair or Serena)!

I wanted D and Little S to come along, but the thought of chasing her around the city while I sit thumbing through old books in libraries was not so appealing to my good-natured husband.
Wednesday will be spent packing and picking a good book to take along!


Shane and Becca said...


I tried to email, but probably just sent it into the cyber abyss...anyway, I'd love to catch you while you are here!! I can probably take the train down on Saturday--will you have any free time then?

I hope to see you!!!

Shane and Becca said...

Hi! I hope you got my email--I'll keep in touch! see you Saturday! hooray!

Jeanette said...

Have a great time!!! What research are you doing?