Wednesday, July 15, 2009

grandpa came to town

My dad came to visit us last month - most importantly he came to meet his second grandchild, Baby J. Grandpa stayed for a week and babysat Little S over the weekend while D and the baby and I vacationed in Santa Barbara. Their weekend together included going to the movie theater to see UP, frozen custard and Little S even took Grandpa to Sunbeams with her.

The two of them got along pretty well during their 2 nights together - only one minor incident: Grandpa realized he hadn't heard Little S around the house in quite a while. He was panicked as he called for her throughout the house. He eventually found the door to the master bathroom closed and locked and assumed she was inside getting into something (right on). After calling her name a few times, she answered. He told her to open the door, she said she couldn't because it was too slippery. "What?" said Grandpa. She went on to explain that she had too much lotion on her hands and couldn't turn the door handle and that he should get the stick above the door and open it for her (he had no idea what the deal was with the stick - fyi, we keep wooden skewers above all the doors that lock for this very purpose - you can unlock the doors by poking them into the little hole in the handles). He kept (moderately) calm and walked her through using a towel to wrap around the door handle and then open the door. He was frustrated with the lotion mess on the towels when the fiasco was over, but happy that nothing more serious happened during his watch.

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Lempskies said...

Cute pictures. I love your dad!