Monday, September 21, 2009

7 1/2 months

How can she be that old and where has the time gone? Baby J sits up these days without falling backward. She loves to pick up the tiniest bits of crumb or whatever on the floor. She has the sweetest voice, saying "mama-mama," and as of last week, her "ba-ba" sounds. Baby J's bottom teeth came in in July and we noticed this weekend that she a top tooth is poking through (not a front tooth, though; a fang, just in time for Halloween). She sucks on her upper lip and looks like an old lady without dentures (see bottom pic).

She loves to watch big sister run around the house - Little S can get Baby J smiling and laughing like no one else. Little S is happy to have a live student for her daily school she sets up in her room even though Baby J makes a lot more noise than the other students (who are all dolls). We love our Baby!


Dave said...

I asked... and I received! Nice pics, Steph. Thanks!

Matthew said...

Thanks for posting these. I know it can be tough to find the time.

Chanel said...

These photos made me really sad.
I miss these girls so much!!!
Please give them a hug and some kind of small animal with a stinky cage so they can remember me and my girls!

Lempskies said...

oh, she is getting big! How fun. The sweetest sound in the world is not a child's laughter, but siblings giggling together.

Lolo said...

hey steph! are you by chance going to be at the time out for women in riverside oct 16-17. i'll be there with my mom and sisters and thought maybe there would be a chance i'd see you there. hope so! lorile