Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

Friday night D met Little S at the LA County Fair - she arrived earlier with our friends via the train. It was a thrill for her to buy train tickets, ride the train, and coax her friend Hayden into a game on the train:
Little S, "Let's pretend we're Mexican kids."
Hayden, "How do we do that?"
Little S, "We speak Spanish to each other."
I believe (and hope) this comes from her old obsession with Dora...

Anyway, she loved the fair (though D has no plans of returning). She enjoyed the pig and duck races, won a goldfish, rode the ferris wheel, and finally got the cotton candy she's been talking about for days. To our surprise, she went down the huge (2 stories tall?) kid slide all by herself. The worker handed her the gunny sack and she marched on up to the top and went for it. D stood in shock at the bottom of the slide and watched her face turn to, "oh no, this is really scary" about half way down the slide. "No picture?" I said to D when he recounted the story - sorry, he was too busy watching her in case she caught air on the way down the slide. He came home at 10pm with a sleeping 3-year-old in one arm and our new pet fish, Goldie, in the other.

Saturday morning we headed to the Getty Museum for family days - art activities, storytelling and music performances geared towards children. We called D's brother and sister last minute and they met us there so the 6 cousins could enjoy the day together. The theme was based on a French art exhibition the Getty had up so the kids colored berets, made "bronze" sculpture and decorated frames with clippings from French magazines.

The biggest hit with our little art connoisseurs was the art detective card game the kids were given upon arrival. 4 baseball sized cards each had a detail of one work of art with its location and a mystery question to answer about the work of art. We took the kids into each room and they searched high and low for the special artwork. One of the guards even gave the kids an additional clue when we entered his room of the museum. The kids LOVED it!! Cousin B was begging all the adults to take her to go "find the mysteries again" at the end of our visit.
The art detectives in front of one of the mystery pieces - a nice Alma-Tadema.

More sleuthing - the rams that are the legs of this marble table were another of the mystery pieces. My mom says she wants to see more pics of me, so here's one of me trying to lecture my child about the details of this work of art - Cousins A and B seem interested in what I have to say :)
These performers welcomed you to the Getty as you got off the tram - the flamingo was stealing things out of people's diaper bags with its beak!

Selecting tools to create her bronze sculpture masterpiece
She looks so French in her beret!

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Matthew said...

What an enriching experience! It is so great you folks get to take advantage of those experiences.

Why exactly was D opposed to the fair?

I hope Goldie escapes the fate D had in store for goldfish back during his residence in Rego Park.... =)