Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Work

Recently, I've been having problems with my photos uploading to my computer. I don't have any current pics but I thought I'd share some projects.

I'm in the early stages of locating a to-die-for flower girl dress for Little S to wear to my sister's wedding in October. I have yet to find the "to-die-for" part so I sent the inquiry to Gabrielle at DesignMom and she posted my question and her answer on her blog this past Monday (many sources were referenced in the comments, too).

Speaking of the kiddos, we are loving books by Jack Prelutsky the past few weeks. His rhymes are fantastic! Ryan and Whitney were given two of his books at the twins shower and after flipping through, I knew Little S would love them. This week we're enjoying The Wizard (illustrated by a BYU-I graduate it turns out) and Ride a Purple Pelican - a collection of rhymes in a Mother-Goose-meets-Shel-Silverstein style.

My friend Becca keeps a "good things" blog here and her blogroll on the right column is full of inspiring ideas. The past few days I've found quite a few projects I want to make (some require D's woodworking skills), including this tutorial on Montessori number rods from A Handmade Childhood.

Lastly, I've been obsessing about Ikat fabric. I've been looking at it all over the web. I finally bought some home dec weight Ikat-style fabric on Monday that I've been wanting for some time. (At $3 per yard, who could resist?!?) This is it:Nate Berkus used it for his line at HSN. It is a long story about how I came to this realization - I won't bore you (maybe I'm too late?).

Hoping D can figure out my photo-computer problems soon. I've got pics of our walking one-year-old to share!


Becca said...

Not bored! Awesome things going on! Can't wait to see baby J cruising around in person! Yay!

Matthew said...

What are you planning on doing with the fabric?

Air Force Blues said...

Those books look adorable. I will have to check them out. Thanks. Oh and have fun making her dress.

dakotapearl said...

I have grand plans of a fabric headboard for our bedroom - this project will also require D's woodworking skills. I like to offer him opportunities to further develop his talents :)