Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr. Seuss baby shower - twins!!

warning: lots of pics

D and I enjoyed a quick weekend trip to Reno to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Ryan and Whitney's twin boys. (Little S stayed at our house with D's parents). We bunked at the home of our good friends, Chris and Nicole. Nicole is Whitney's sister - obviously, we love that entire family.

Nicole put together a fabulous shower brunch - Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat theme with red, white and baby blue everything. She throws my kind of party! Beautiful decorations, unique theme, and special personal touches - like the red and white striped chair covers she and her mom made for the 45 (gasp) chairs. Nicole's degree from the Cordon Bleu in Pasadena informs the delicious party food she prepares, too. This was a shower not to be missed.

Place settings for each of the 45 guests.

Baby bingo to promote audience participation during gift opening - I didn't win.

the happy mama at 27 weeks along

Nicole and I wore the same colors - oh well, it was a TWINS shower, right?

croque monsieurs, mmm - you don't want to know how much butter was used on these babies

These two woke up from naps toward the end of gift opening and quickly started devouring blueberries. They even fed each other - such cute little friends. I'm just noticing all the polkadots in this pic - even Baby J's tights were polkadot!

Part of my gift to Whitney - I made this nursery art (I use the term loosly here) for the boys. The project was a comedy of errors - after finally finishing it late the night before we left, the plexiglass frame shattered during a hard plane landing en route to Reno. D and Chris had some glass cut for me before the shower, but it was pretty sharp and Whitney cut her cute finger while opening the gift. ugh. That seems to be the norm with most of my projects these days...

Later in the evening, we celebrated Izzy's first birthday!! Two parties in one day - both organized by Nicole and much of the food made by her as well. She's supermama.

I love this pic of the birthday girl with her doting grandmother (who, by the way looks young enough to be Izzy's aunt!)

Baby J loved playing with the Izzy drink bottle during the festivities. Such determined eyes!

Baby J's rock star fingers

These two friends enjoyed the royal seats at the party - it was Baby J's actual birthday on Saturday and Chris and Nicole were kind enough to have her join the cake eating mess.


Becca said...

Steph, that shower is amazing!! How fun! And you look totally fabulous!!

Ah, twins, so sweet!

Air Force Blues said...

What wonderful parties to go to. They look like they were a blast. And the butter issue, you know you cannot have french cooking without...butter, butter and butter.

Lempskies said...

Your fabric airplanes are adorable! (Too bad the real airplane wasn't gentler on it.)