Sunday, February 24, 2008

President's Day - Observed!

The cousins came to our house for a fun-filled pres day; they came looking for some snow in the mountains above us and we delivered. Thanks to my friend Chanel who invited all 12 of us to her fam's cabin to find snow for sledding and lunch on the patio overlooking the lake.
Pictured above: Uncle Matt and Julia. Pictured below: cousin Aislinn enjoying the ride down - Aislinn's been obsessed with snow lately and because she had never seen any, her dad came up with the idea to go sledding for the holiday!

Sunbathing - Aunt Becca, Claire, Chanel, Little S, and Lucy enjoy the sun and sledding.

Little S and Claire looking for trouble during lunch on the patio.

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Amber, Kent & Andy said...

I love that you guys are sledding in t-shirts.