Thursday, February 28, 2008

i heart vampires

It's a bit overdone, but yes, I've read the Twilight series and am a fan (not one of those obsessed ones that reads the book in 1 day - it took me about 3 days per book :) The series is definately NOT literary genius and Stephanie Meyer is anything but succinct (500-600 pages per book!). Still, I'll admit the books are fun, fast reads and the forbidden love story between Edward and Bella is delicious. The first book in the series is currently in movie production and here are a few pics of the cast.

Cullen Family Portrait (this one looks just like the old OC promos):

Keep up with the movie progress at the Stephenie Meyers website

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jamie said...

im so glad i stumbled across your blog today. i am going to bookmark it now and check it more often. i love the stuff you are posting! and little S is soooo sweet :)