Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 weeks old

Little S loves holding the baby, but the baby doesn't always love being held by her big sister. I think big sister tries to sneak in some squeezing and harassing under the guise of "holding" the baby.

A glamor photo shoot with her bear. Little S loves her stuffed animals. The dolls and animals are the toys that get played with the most - making believe they are on picnics together, at parties or the park, etc. I was never big into dolls or animals as a kid but I love listening to her chatter to her animals all day long. So cute.
Also this weekend Little S and her daddy went sledding with cousins in the nearby mountains. We lack adequate snow gear, but we made do and the temps up in the hills weren't too bad. She and her 3 year old cousin were fearless going down by themselves. Her older cousin was a bit more cautious.

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