Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Month Old

We celebrated the baby's one month birthday with a quick visit from my baby bro. He flew in from Washington DC to meet his new niece and celebrate his own birthday, too! We had a fun but brief visit with him and were so glad he made the long journey.
His favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting (I know, I didn't think that was any one's FAVORITE.) I made a bundt cake and homemade frosting because the box mix and packaged frosting just didn't seem right. We were out of candles so D lit a skewer on fire for the fiesta. Little S insisted on adding sprinkles to the cake (she eats them by the handful if we aren't watching her carefully.)
She came home from church with this cute mini plant after her lesson on the earth and plants. She has the BEST Sunbeams teacher - she brings home something like this every week, in addition to a coloring sheet related to the Sunday lesson that we use for Family Home Evening on Monday night.

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Matthew said...

That is so cute -- Look at how happy she is with her little pot =)