Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Serenity is:

both girls down for naps - one in her bed, the other in the swing. This is the most productive hour of my day because I am able to: get the dishes done, finally; call the girls for church activity days; fill out insurance forms; eat a bagel topped with homemade orange marmelade from Cass; surf a few blogs and find this adorable idea:
I love Cookie Magazine - I've been a reader for 2 years now. Their blogs are quite popular and the info on this cute invitation and bday party idea can be found here

I'm in the thick of party planning myself as we prepare the house for the baby blessing this weekend. We'll have 22 adults over for lunch after the blessing and an easter egg hunt for the 14 kids!

Well, Little S is calling from her room - that's the end of nap time...sigh


Lempskies said...

Amen. Who cares about stupid diamonds? Naps are my best friends!

Jocelyn Allan said...

Auuuuhh...those naps are never quite long enough. :)

Lolo said...

ohhh! i love looking at your blog and seeing your sweet little girls. they are beautiful! we definitely need to get together. hopefully we will call you this weekend and plan a date!