Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter wrap-up

After a total of 5 egg hunts I think Little S got the easter routine down pat. In fact, I've been trying to put our house on candy de-tox ever since!

Easter celebrations started early for us because we blessed Baby J 2 weeks before Easter and had an egg hunt for all the kids after lunch. It was something for Little S to look forward on a day that was all about Baby J. During the drive home from church before hunt Little S asked me if Peter Cottontail was going to be at her egg hunt. So cute. (She is obsessed with the 3 easter books my dad sent her - especially loving the Peter Cottontail song book.)  

One of the highlights of the hunt at our house was when my friend Cass and her kids showed up with REAL eggs! Her 7 year-old son snuck into his grandpa's coops where he raises quail and other winged animals and put all the eggs in his basket to bring to the egg hunt! Of course, the kids cracked or dropped them one by one as the afternoon progressed.  Anyway, that was Little S's first hunt of the season and then there was one at school, another that she and D stumbled upon downtown on Easter Saturday, one at our friends' house and one with the cousins on Easter Sunday. Whew, what an Easter!

Easter Saturday we spent at our friends' (also D's business partner) house for their family lunch and hunt. Their redhead son and Little S go to school together and Little S says he is her best friend - they are so cute together.

Easter Sunday we headed to Long Beach for the cousins celebration and dinner. We took cupcakes and the easter bunny cake below to the party.



Matthew said...

Did you make the easter bunny cake?

dakotapearl said...

Yes - it's a cake mold from the same company that made the beehive I used at Little S's bday party and the turkey cake at thanksgiving. I'm a bit obsessed with the cake molds these days :)