Thursday, April 30, 2009

weekend trip

Today the baby and I are hopping on a plane. We're flying to Utah to attend my cousin's wedding tomorrow! I flew numerous times with Little S but this is Baby J's first time in the air...I'm looking forward to a funfilled weekend with extended family and introducing Baby J to her great-grandparents.

This was our conversation this morning:

Little S: What are we doing today? (she asks me this almost every morning - I guess she like to have the day's events organized in her head :)
Me: You're taking Baby J and me to the airport.
Little S: Well, I don't know how to drive. What about Daddy?

I made this turkey burger last weekend and loved it - try it if you're in the mood this weekend. I served it with sweet potato fries. The burger is so good you don't need anything on it besides the pear chutney. I found the Major Grey's chutney and chipotle Tobasco in the condiment/dressing isle by the bbq sauces.


Matthew said...

I dunno, I've seen D's driving... Maybe S should take her chances =)

Lempskies said...

It was so fun to see you! Your baby's adorable & we always love talking to or seeing you and your mom.