Friday, April 17, 2009

our first pet

During spring break a few weeks ago Little S acquired her first pet: a caterpillar. We got it at Kidspace Museum in Pasadena. It came with a cup of caterpillar food and general instructions on parenting your caterpillar through its transformation to a butterfly. We woke up one Friday morning 10 days after bringing it home and he/she had emerged from the cocoon in the top corner of the plastic box. Little S was so excited to finally have her butterfly.

We took it outside to let it go and butterfly just hung out on the box lid - there was no grand release of the insect. We watched it for a while, moved it around, and eventually Little S went inside and checked on it periodically from the window. Butterfly hopped around the sidewalk and eventually flew away, unnoticed. (My friend Cass went with us to Kidspace and her 2 boys kept their butterflies in the house, playing with them for a few days until the bugs eventually died from so much "love" from the kids.)

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