Wednesday, June 24, 2009

End of the School Year Picnic

It's time I posted about the end of Little S's first year of school and her year-end family picnic (since she started summer school yesterday). Her year in Mrs. Bom's red class was filled with new friends and great learning experiences. She was always singing a new song or rhyme and trying to teach them to me. Her teacher helped the class with art projects every day and gave us the sweetest year-end project: a booklet with Little S's hand-print projects from each month of the year - turkey for November, angel for Dec, etc. It was so cute! For a teacher gift, I took Mrs. Bom a cherry-shaped fruit bowl filled with red fruits and vegetables (she's a vegetarian).

I'm a bit sappy at the end of school years and this was no exception - I would get nostalgic at the end of each semester in college. Little S learned so much from Mrs. Bom! The preschool is part of a local Christian church and I appreciated how Mrs. Bom incorporated Christian principles into the lessons. At parent-teacher conferences (yes, they have them for the preschool :) Mrs. Bom told us how she wanted each child to know that God loves them and made them each unique and loves each of them.

The end of the year was celebrated with a family picnic complete with train rides and frozen custard from the local custard shop! It was a fun evening and the dozen or so rides that Little S took on the train were her favorite part.

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The Durstelers said...

Hey Sister M.
This is Stephanie, Cathys daughter, I used to be in the ward! I cannot believe how big your Little S has gotten! You guys look so happy!