Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alt. Summit Day 1

I made it safely to SLC yesterday - even after a 2 hour delay at the airport because the plane we were suppossed to fly on had been struck by lightening. The torrential downpours in Southern California have made for difficult travel in and out of the area and our flight to Las Vegas felt like the rollercoaster at the New York New York Hotel/Casino (the girl sitting next to me said our flight was scaring her and she was going to meditate until we landed).

The opening session at the conference was fun and inspiring. Lots of creative people talking about interesting things. Some friends and family wondered what this conference was all about, so here are some examples: the session this afternoon included the authors of these 4 blogs: Making It Lovely; Petit Elefant; Design Milk; Mackin Ink. They discussed what makes up a unique design blog and gave dozens of examples - I could spend the next week sifting through all of the blogs they referenced, but I will not.

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