Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Highlights

The opening party - hollywood glam themed, complete with red carpet and fake paparazzi. More pics on here

Alt. was fantastic. So many fascinating people - it reminded me of my college days in the fine arts buildings -"my people" were the creative, non-traditional-looking BYU students wandering the HFAC, stepping over art projects drying in the halls, overhearing music students in the practice rooms.

All the Alt attendees were design people. Most were dressed really cute and all had iphones, except me. I hid my non-iphone under my hair when I had to call home and check on the kiddos' naps/feeding/school progress.

A few of my favorites:

dj earworm - this guy is a music phenom! (but also nice, humble and totally into what he does) I like his United State of Pop 2008 and 2009 and If I were a Free Fallin' Boy mashup. He creates "mashups" of the billboard top 20-or-so songs at the end of the year. Apparently in the dj biz, 20+ songs in 1 mashup is unheard of - and he does it seamlessly. He also started doing the music videos, too, but you can listen to the music only on his site. Earworms' 2009 mashup has been viewed over 8 million times on youtube.

notcot - this giant design site is mostly reader submitted; but the author is such a significant figure in her industry that MAJOR pr campaigns send her free stuff to be promoted on her site. The white rabbit campaign through NYC for SciFi's Alice in Wonderland miniseries was incredible! D and I especially liked the video-projected white rabbits crawling up the building.


Becca said...

So cool! Thanks for fitting us in!

Air Force Blues said...

glad you had fun. Love the pic, you look great.