Friday, January 15, 2010


At the library yesterday I found this book, peeked inside and thought the Goldilocks doll in the pictures was a bit creepy and I put it back. Little S quickly grabbed it, scanned the pics and insisted we check it out.

After reading it a few times yesterday my verdict is that this book is awesome! The text is long but interesting enough to keep her attention and there are a few funny lines for the benefit of parents. But the images are what make this book phenomenal. They are photographs of scenes set up in a real three-foot-tall house in the woods constructed for the book project. The dolls were made by a famous doll maker and the props were handmade by a well-known British set designer - the 3 tiny spoons were carved from balsa wood and the porridge is real! This book and its production are a work of art. I guess there is a version of Princess and the Pea put together by the same creative team - I must get my hands on it, too.
Goldilocks tries out baby bear's chair and breaks it - too small.

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Cristian & Suzanne said...

This version of The Princess and the Pea is Elizabeth's favorite. Katie introduced this to me, of course! Check out Charlie and Lola. Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying the conference!