Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Funny girl

I love finding traces around the house of where Little S has been. For example:
The paper towels were brought from the kitchen into our bedroom, they were stretched a good 6 feet across the bedroom, and a few choice ones were torn off for Baby Doll (yes, that's her name and no, she never has clothes on) and Huckleberry Hound.

And then there are the purses. Anyone who knows Little S knows she is OBSESSED with a good purse. She unloads the purse of anyone who comes to our house, anyone she sits with at church, and even purses of strangers she meets on the street (at the bike races a few weeks ago I found her sitting on the street curb next to a lady with a cute dog, starting to unload the lady's purse!). She will remove every last penny or scrap of paper and she is usually hoping to find some gum along the way.

At home, this translates into her using any vessel with handles or handle-like components as a purse. She loads them with small toys and other found objects and leaves them all over the house - hanging on door handles, stashed in corners, etc. Or, she'll drape one over her shoulder, and as she's headed toward the (locked) door say, "Bye mom, I'm going to school. See you later!"

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