Friday, April 25, 2008

Kid Music

Little S and I tried out a munchkin music class at the local community center today. It was LESS than inspiring - the majority of the "music" class was spent coloring!! Arrgh.

I've seen ads for the recently released kids music CD by They Might Be Giants called Here Come the 123s. Word on the web is that this music is parent and kid friendly, unlike most children's music.
TMBG also does a FREE Friday night podcast of a different kid song each week. Find more info on the podcast and a link to download a free song immediately HERE at GeekDad via Wired Magazine.

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Shane and Becca said...

cool--I've been thinking of this stuff myself. I will have to check out the podcast.

Have you heard Jack Johnson's soundtrack to Curious George? It's pretty cute. I also heard that Sandra Boynton has a cd out. Hope that it has a song about bellybuttons.