Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last Week in Review

We were busy last week - many activities and photo opportunities. I am just getting around to posting the highlights.

Grandpa was in town for a few days. These 2 had a great time together!

D wanted to plant some spring blooms for Family Home Evening on Monday night. Little S had a great time playing in the dirt with Daddy (Mommy and Gramps just watched and gave moral support :)

We celebrated the end of spring break with our same Tar Pit friends from the week before (Chanel, Cass and kids). We all went to the county regional park where my lil' sista is a ranger - 1000 acres of hills, lakes, trails and play equipment; as well as countless water fowl for the kids to chase after. We loved the play equipment that is on a little inlet surrounded by water and enjoyed a mini-picnic, too!

The week finished off with our town's annual bike race. Downtown is blocked off as the race course and we walked over to watch the men's final race with the kids.

Colin and Blake raced in the kids heats Saturday morning - Colin won his 3-year-old division on his bike with no peddles and was the crowd favorite. They make the kids races as official as the adults - the guy on the motorcycle (whose official title I do not know) rides in front of the pack!

Colin and Lucy waiting under the umbrella for the next lap.


Latham Lowdown said...

We love seeing all of the cute pictures of your family! We hope to see you soon!

Julie said...

Hi Cous! I love your blog. Your daughter is adorable! Isn't it wonderful these little people we get to love? Ours are so fun we decided to go for 3! We are a little scared to be outnumbered, but excited to be expecting again. I wish we lived close- it would sure be fun to see you.