Sunday, April 20, 2008

Think about it

My friend Becca's most recent post, titled "Thinking About Stuff", is SO fantastic, I want everyone to read it and be inspired by it (she is a great writer - fun to read). Her entry, which is a tribute to the stuff with which she and her little family have made do, reminds us that a simple life is a good life- happiness is not about the objects around you (or not around you).

A little background: Becca and I met as undergrad students in the art history program. We traveled together through England, France, and Italy on Art History study abroad and then completed our master's degrees in art history (throw in a research trip to New York and many other fun grad school memories). She is a brilliant gal and is married to a brilliant guy, Shane, who is at Yale Medical School. They are a power couple and I feel lucky to count them as friends.

Be inspired as you read it - I was.

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Shane and Becca said...

oh steph! What a touching tribute--imagine me sitting with teary eyes and a big smile! I am the lucky one to know you all!