Monday, April 14, 2008

The Thump-Thump Song

We love Regina Spektor in our house

This song is a lifesaver!! Little S calms down whenever it's playing. If she's throwing a fit in the car, this music immediately soothes her. (Thank you to my little bro who gave me this CD last Christmas)
She calls it the "thump thump song" - I think because of the heavy base and piano during the "he-ar-ar-art" part.

Little S's other favorite song on the album:

I had to include this version of the music video of "On the Radio." It shows little kids loving the beats of this song as much as Little S! She goes around the house chanting "on the radio, on the radio, uh-oh" just like the kids at the end of this video.

ps- there will be NO high school musical playing in our house! (I will not even privilege the production with capital letters) I know some of you guys out there are big fans, but we just will not get on that bandwagon yet.

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